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So you want to tune steel...

Caveat emptor

The world needs more pan makers.

The world needs more pan tuners.


It certainly is not easy!

There's a reason that in the more than ten years since the form was invented, so few people have come to make handpans and related instruments!

We want you to know, before we accept a single cent from you, not everyone will learn to tune.

Tuning requires a rare combination of patience, physical strength and dexterity, a musical ear, and, most of all, dedication.

It typically takes years of practice to become proficient at tuning.

The tools we offer here will give you a good start, because they are proven.

The untuned shells we offer here will give you even more of a start, because they eliminate time lost fighting inappropriate materials.

But learning to make a playable instrument will almost certainly require hundreds, even thousands, of hours of practice and experimentation. Expect countless missteps, and expect to fail before you succeed.

It will probably require exhausting, mangling, or destroying multiple shells

And, what's more, there's no way to sugar coat it... Not everyone will be successful.

There is every reason to try, and try hard...

We need people advancing the art form.

We need people to maintain existing instruments.

We need more pans!

We want you to succeed.

Just understand, and take to heart, before you begin learning to tune and before you purchase anything from us...

It's going to take much more than (a lot of!) money. It's going to take time, sweat, and a single-minded love for the art form!